Taped Auditions

There’s a lot of places in town to put auditions on tape – we are striving to be the best. We have worked with some of the best in the biz to make sure everything is perfect: lighting, sound, and of course, video. We will always provide a reader for you (unless you wish to bring your own), and you can even send your sides in advance to make sure we are familiar with the material.

With ACE Tapes, you will always get:

  • High-quality audio and video
  • Full professional lighting system
  • Quick turnaround (within an hour)
  • Experienced reader
  • Cutting/Editing - ONE take per scene for longer scenes, 2-3 for shorter scenes. *This will change once we have full hours*
  • Choice of delivery format and compression


Our sessions are $1/minute and ALL bookings are done online. There is a 10 minute booking minimum. Just look for the “Book An Appointment” button. If you have any special notes on your audition, always include that on the booking form.


If you need an appointment before or after normal hours, there is a non-refundable $10 surcharge. As of now, you must email to book an appointment on the weekends – this will change soon!


For all appointments outside of regular business hours, please email: info@acetapesla.com


Cancellation Policy:
We understand that cancellations/reschedules are going to happen. Our industry can be crazy! Always give us as much time as possible before cancelling or rescheduling your audition time – this way we can try and get somebody in from the waitlist. Cancellations/reschedules made less than 6 hours prior to the appointment time will forfeit the full session fee.